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Enforce and Defend your Patent Rights

Enforce your patent rights and defend the non-infringement legally by filing a litigation case. Sagacious IP’s Patent Litigation Support System empowers the patent owner to exercise the right over their patents whenever a company or an individual violates and sets up a ground for infringement.

Work Against Infringement – The Legal Way

Getting Prepared For Litigation

Sagacious IP is well equipped to support both from a plaintiff-side and a defendant-side for a patent litigation.

For the plaintiff –

As a patent owner, one has the right over patented claims. When violated by a company, it sets up a ground for infringement. Therefore, based on the business objectives, a patent owner can go for patent litigation as a plaintiff before the district court. Or, in case of an import in the US, the US international trade commission (ITC). They would need strong infringement contentions for the valid patent. Before going for litigation, the plaintiff must ensure the below:

For the defendant –

Simultaneously, an alleged party has several rights to defend themselves in patent litigation. Availing the defending rights is recommended instead of being intimidated by the letter notifying infringement and demanding damages/licensing/injunction. The defendant has the following ways to get rid of the litigation case:


IP litigation refers to disputes related to the protection of intellectual property such as inventions, processes, designs, artistic works, and products. These intellectual assets are protected through intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets. IP disputes are generally litigated in court as well as by arbitration.

IP property law refers to legal provisions that help owners of various intellectual properties to defend and enforce their rights. IP laws aim to create a healthy competitive environment for businesses and encourage new technologies and products for economic growth.

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