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Our hyper-targeted Patent Monitoring services allow you to gain the knowledge you need to put your plans into motion. From keeping a watch on your competitors’ IP to monitoring a specific technical domain and even your portfolio of patents and publications, we’ve got you covered.


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Patent Monitoring

Patent information search service is used to discover patent documents, find out legal status and business-relevant information during the patent filing process.

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Our People

Abhiranjan Singh

Abhiranjan Singh

Manager Quality Control - Illustration

8+ years of experience in Illustration.

Devika Saini

Devika Saini

Senior Manager - Life Sciences & Chemistry

Qualified Indian Patent Agent.

Rajat Gulati

Rajat Gulati

Strategic Business Unit Head – Engineering

Rajat has experience of more than 17 years of working with clients on a wide variety of IP, Technology, Searching, Commercialization, Data analysis & presentation-related projects.

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