Patent Monitoring

Your eye in the sky, your ear to the ground

Our hyper-targeted Patent Monitoring services allow you to gain the knowledge you need to put your plans into motion. From keeping a watch on your competitors’ IP to monitoring a specific technical domain and even your own portfolio of patents and publications, we’ve got you covered.

Detail-driven Patent Monitoring services that are cost-effective and time-bound

Set up result-oriented Patent Monitoring to:

  • Upgrade existing technology.
  • Gain insights on new/conflicting/expiring IP for making informed decisions related to markets/investments.
  • Schedule notifications/updates related to patent examination, prosecution, communication, fee payments, amended claims etc. for a patent pool.
  • Recognize updated patent assignments while pursuing licensing/contracts/collaborations with assignees of interest.
  • Determine potential infringement.
  • Tracking timelines of active patents and applications for their expirations and prosecutions respectively, to launch similar products

Sagacious IP’s Patent Monitoring service supports allows IP councils to protect their client’s IP, support R&D professionals in their quest to innovate and empowers researchers with relevant information.

Why us?

  • Sagacious IP maintains a dedicated team for Monitoring Searches for clients and depending on their customised requirement, provides weekly/biweekly, monthly/bimonthly, quarterly and yearly monitoring of patents in a technology or for an assignee (new published applications, grants, expiry etc.), delivering more than 500 reports every year.
  • Customized and easy to follow reports and clear highlighting of updates in the monitoring period.
  • Segregating important events from the regular events and sharing the summary of these event details along with the PDF copies from PTOs.
  • Complete summary of major events that occurred in a particular time period (i.e. after combining 2-3 monitoring reports) and a comparative analysis to showcase the recent trends as compared to the previous ones.
  • Technical and Paralegal updates and monitoring for patents from various jurisdictions.
  • Patent and Non-patent monitoring (e.g. clinical stage of drugs, regulatory details, new products etc.)
  • Access to various paid databases that aid in specialized and supplemental searches (National Patent Offices, Questel Orbit, and Derwent Innovation, PatSeer) with wide coverage and full text from several jurisdictions.
  • Sagacious IP also provides a web-based tool to provide an interface for clients. The clients can receive online notifications for every new update they are interested in. This is a dedicated platform where all the updates are available collectively. The clients may also opt for regular reports apart from the online notifications.

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

Sagacious helped one of the largest US law firms, based in Boston, in continuously monitoring over 1,000 patent applications for any change in their legal status or any recent event in prosecution.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious enabled one of its clients, a German law firm (representing a Pharmaceutical giant), to keep a close watch on any new patents published in the domain of prostate cancer, by analysing and shortlisting the relevant patents focusing on therapy.

Impact Story 3

A Fortune 500 based in Boston, USA took Sagacious’ help in analysing the domain of formulations/ therapies related to CNS disorders and used the same for developing future R&D strategy. This was done based on the report and executive summary Sagacious prepared based on categorizing new publications published globally in related technical tabs.

Impact Story 4

Sagacious provides regular Patent Monitoring services to a Sweden-based law firm for one of their clients in the Marine Equipment vertical. It involves identifying new publications in the domain and updating the status of already identified patents.

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