Off Patented Opportunities

Opening New Doors Through Off Patented Opportunities

Information within patent applications can often open doors for critical R&D as well as identify new business opportunities. It is regarded as an important resource for researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, commercial enterprises and patent professionals.

Cost-Effective Off-Patent Searching

How is Off-Patent Searching useful?

  • Smart R&D
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Innovation and commercialization using Expired Patents
  • Commercialization strategy based on Jurisdiction

Who is this service for?

  • Researchers
  • Inventors
  • Entrepreneurs and Commercial Enterprises
  • Patent Professionals

Why Sagacious IP?

  • Strong multilingual team of 350+ technology/industry experts with a deep understanding of Indian and Global patent laws.
  • Knowledge of both patent prosecution process and patent enforcement to draft applications that are enforceable and sail through the prosecution process, thereby saving tons of money.
  • Unique understanding of global and industry wide IP best practices. Supported 1000+ clients from 45+ countries in multiple technology areas ranging from complex subject matters in Life Sciences, Engineering and ICT to simple household inventions.
  • In-depth understanding of working style of each of the four patent offices in India.
  • Strong network within Indian Patent Office for expedited and accurate communication.

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