Onsite IP trainings and Awareness Sessions

Making Teams IP Aware and IP Ready

Sagacious IP’s onsite IP Training and Awareness Sessions offers training and support to both organizations that are interested in IP and IP professionals. The sessions are designed to make R&D organizations, scientific departments, educational institutions and corporates aware about the growing need for promotion and protection of IP.

Onsite IP trainings and awareness sessions tailor-made to your objectives

What topics do we cover in these sessions?

  • Introduction to IP, trends in filing and benefits of IP
  • Patent Insights: Lifesciences, Mechanical, Software and IoT, legal aspects
  • Trademark Insights: types, importance, requirements, legal aspects
  • Copyrights Insights: types, importance, requirements, legal aspects
  • Industrial Design Insights: introduction, requirements, process, legal aspects
  • Workshop on searching on free tools
  • Workshop on searching on paid databases
  • Workshop on claim interpretation
  • Workshop on drafting patent specifications

Sagacious IP Offers IP Training and Awareness Sessions For:

  • Inventors
  • IP Professionals
  • Students
  • Start-ups & MSMEs
  • Companies
  • R&D centres
  • Scientific Departments
  • Universities and Educational Institutions
  • IP facilitation centres

Why We Are Well-Suited to Train Your Teams?

  • Strong multilingual team of 350+ technology/industry experts with a deep understanding of Indian and Global patent laws.
  • Knowledge of both patent prosecution process and patent enforcement to draft applications that are enforceable and sail through the prosecution process, thereby saving tons of money.
  • Unique understanding of global and industry wide IP best practices. Supported 1000+ clients from 45+ countries in multiple technology areas ranging from complex subject matters in Life Sciences, Engineering and ICT to simple household inventions.
  • In-depth understanding of working style of each of the four patent offices in India.
  • Strong network within Indian Patent Office for expedited and accurate communication.

Join 100+ Indian Startups, SMEs and Corporates Who Have Leveraged Our IP Training