Market Surveillance Monitoring

Why Monitoring for Infringement?

timely updates

Provide timely updates about recent product developments in our domain

Regular updates

Regular updates of the on recent filings to strategize own filings

Constant updates

Constant updates of IP for a particular technology, for being updated about new inventions/ entrants in the domain

Regular updates on market activities

Regular updates on infringing products & market activities

Why Us?
Technology Capabilities:

Who might need this service?

Regular updates on market activities

IP Counselors

R&D Managers

Technology/ Innovation Officers



Regular updates

Strategy makers

Case Studies


Market surveillance is defined as the process of monitoring industries or relevant domains for the launch of new products and collaborations which have the potential to induce the development of future products. The process includes covering market activities such as mergers and acquisitions as well as research collaborations in the technology domains and other target markets.

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