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timely updates

Provide timely updates about recent product developments in our domain

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Regular updates on the recent filings to strategize own filings

Constant updates

Constant updates of IP for a particular technology, for being updated about new inventions/ entrants in the domain

Regular updates on market activities

Regular updates on infringing products & market activities

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Regular updates on market activities

IP Counselors

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Regular updates

Strategy makers

Case Studies


The client is the technology transfer office of one of the top Universities in Europe active in the mental health industry. The research group had been working on the diagnostics and assessment of mental health and had active collaborations with various Pharmaceutical corporates.


The client required an evaluation of their patent portfolio mental health assessment technology to determine the potential and options for its monetization. The client was further interested in identifying companies that would be interested to license their patented technology. Overall, the client wanted the market due diligence and technology monitoring to understand the licensing opportunities



The analysis was divided into two segments,  Technology Evaluation &  Licensing Strategies

Technology Evaluation:

  1. Technology study and domain study for understanding the unique features of the technology
  2. Secondary Market Research to identify application areas and major players active in the area.
  3. Potential Infringement Study to identify any products in the market that could infringe the patent

Competitive analysis to identify and understand alternate technologies in the markets and thus assess the potential for commercialization

Licensing Strategies:

After identifying no infringement for the patent, Sagacious followed  the technology licensing approach

  1. Identifying companies that have patent filings in the same domain to capture players working in the domain.
  2. Identifying Start-ups/Technology companies developing products in the domain to understand the needs
  3. Searching for companies in peripheral domains that have interest/research areas in the domain for technology transfer opportunities.
  4. Monitoring newly launched products, potential product pipelines, new patent filings, seminars and public events to check continued interest, and market activities such as M&As, collaborations, R&D announcements. (Deliverables shared for a span of 18 months)



According to the search and analysis shared by Sagacious, the client was able to finalize top 3 potential licensees (from the first set of potential licensees identified during the set-up stage and new licensees identified during monitoring) using the updated information gathered over the span of monitorings.

Project Duration:

Time for biannual licensing monitoring: 16-20 hours/update– involving 1 analyst and 1 project manager


Market surveillance is defined as the process of monitoring industries or relevant domains for the launch of new products and collaborations which have the potential to induce the development of future products. The process includes covering market activities such as mergers and acquisitions as well as research collaborations in the technology domains and other target markets.

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