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Sagacious IP’s European Patent (EP) Validation service allows you to convert a single grant application filed with the EPO into multiple filings for EPO member nations. The validation process involves translation of all or part of your patent document within a quick timeframe, thereby allowing you to get prompt validation as per the European patent laws.

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As per European Patent Law, it is mandatory for an applicant to file their patent application first at the EPO. Once application is granted, the applicant has to extend their invention in different EP member states. This is done in order to reap maximum commercial benefit from an invention.

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A European patent can be defined as a single patent application that covers several European states at once during the examination process. Once the patent is granted, it splits into national patents in all the European member states of interest. A European patent application is useful if an applicant wants to reach out to several European countries with a single patent application.

A European patent can take nearly three to five years to be granted from the date of application filing. European Patent Office follows a two-stage process to grant a patent. The first stage involves formalities of examination to analyze whether the claimed invention and the application meet European Patent Convention standards. The second stage comprises substantive examination.

European Patent Office (EPO) is an organization that examines patent applications and enables inventors and businesses across the globe to acquire patent protection in 44 member states with a single application. EPO follows a centralized and uniform process of patent grant.

According to the European Patent Office, it costs nearly EUR 6100 (or EUR 5875 if the application is filed online) from the patent filing to the patent grant stage.

When a European patent is published, it means that the patent application is now in the public domain, where it can be reviewed and examined by anyone who searches for it. A European patent application is published 18 months after the filing date.

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