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Sagacious IP’s Copyright service enables you to legally protect and monitor your unique creations. This includes protection of not only a unique idea but also an idea in the form of expression. Our Copyright service ensures that your ideas always remain exclusive to you.

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Copyright can be described as a collection of rights that creators have over their original works. It prevents unauthorized duplication of a range of literary and artistic creations including music, art, painting, films, and advertisements.

Creators choose to protect their works by copyrighting them to avail certain legal benefits, such as suing an entity for infringing the work and attracting businesses that are interested in licensing the work. Obtaining copyright requires creators to register the work with the respective Copyright Office.

The duration of copyright protection for a work depends on many factors, including the date when it was first published. Generally, for works that came into existence after January 1, 1978, copyright protection stays in force until the lifetime of the author and 70 years after his or her death in the US. In India, the copyright for an original work lasts for the lifetime of the creator and 60 years after that.

A work comes under copyright protection as soon as it is created and made available in a tangible form that is noticeable directly or with the aid of a machine or device.

Copyright law can be defined as a set of provisions that enables creators to further use their work and duplicate it for a set time limit, after which the copyrighted work enters the public domain. Until then, the item is protected against unauthorized duplication under copyright law.

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