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Sagacious IP’s Data Verification service is designed to ensure the accuracy of the information present in your patent filing using authentic websites. In addition to validating patent data, verification of data also lets you save attorney time and effort in non-technical work areas, thereby ensuring a quick turnaround time and cost-effectiveness.  

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Data verification refers to any service or assignment where a given list of data entries is reviewed and cross-verified. For instance, a patent practitioner who has a list of USPTO patents, reviews and cross-checks the data on the USPTO websites during the process of data verification. This step is to determine that all entries are recorded/updated properly.

Patent data verification is important to determine the accuracy of data during the patent filing process. Furthermore, the process can also be used as a step in strategizing IP.

Usually, patent practitioners use manual methods as well as automated systems for data verification. Sagacious IP performs patent data verification manually to avoid missing out on any errors and optimizes the process by automating certain tasks via in-house tools. These include Macros and excel formulas to compare the data.

Several methods can be followed for data verification to ensure accurate and high-quality information. These methods include proofreading, comparing current data against original data, and the use of automated systems. Nowadays, a combination of manual verification and the use of automated systems for data verification is being preferred widely.

Although companies can verify data in-house, it is advisable to take assistance from seasoned professionals. Besides manual verification, companies these days also employ automated systems for data verification.

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