Patent Valuation

Enhance business impact through patent valuation

Sagacious IP’s Patent Valuation service enables you to determine the monetary value of your patent which in turn impacts your R&D efforts, bolsters your intellectual property rights and enhances revenue, stock performance, and reputation.

Detailed patent valuations that are cost-effective and time bound

Perform patent valuation services for:

  • • Patent transaction activities such as licensing, sale, purchase, etc.
  • • Patent enforcement
  • • Assessing R&D investments
  • • Internal IP audits
  • • Raising funds
  • • Financial reporting
  • • Insurance of IP assets
  • • Liquidation
  • • Taxation

We at Sagacious have developed a comprehensive yet cost-optimized approach to value a patent. The approach involves the right value indicators as per the subject patent and applicable market.

Here are the salient features of our methodology:

  • Adaptable approach for valuation of a patent in any technology
  • Expertise in deciding the right value indicator based on subject patent
  • Deriving a practical value based on highly researched facts
  • Evaluation of the patents in technologies at early stages

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

Sagacious helped two SMEs in getting a more practical value of their patents. This valuation is used to raise funds for their business.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious has been assisting patent owners extract the maximum value of their patents listed by various patent brokerage firms. We have also generated claim charts in many cases and used the infringed product sales for incorporating damages calculation in the final valuation

Make business-critical decisions powered by accurate patent valuation.