Patent Valuation

Adopt a hybrid approach for finding the right value for your patents

In order to effectively monetize your patent portfolio and open new revenue generation streams, you need to know your portfolio’s actual value. Sagacious IP’s Patent Valuation service studies a wide array of parameters, from income-based analysis and market data to infringement analysis and comparative analysis, to give you the actual market value of your intellectual property so that you are in a position to successfully monetize it.

State-of-art Patent Valuation that generates a financial module for your monetization strategy.

An Exhaustive Methodology – The Sagacious Way

At Sagacious IP, we use an exhaustive methodology to derive the authentic valuation of your patents so that you are in a better position to negotiate licensing deals and legal compensation. The parameters we use are:

  • 1. Patent/Technology Understanding
  • 2. Income Based Analysis - Total addressable market & Market covered by patents
  • 3. Market Data - Industry size, growth, depreciation – relating the value with the market growth over last 5 years
  • 4. Patent – Facts and Figures
  • 5. Infringement Analysis – Identify the product that reads on the patent. If not a read, identifying at least the closest product on which the patent is applicable.
  • 6. Based on the essentiality of the patent on the product, calculating the value of the patent from the product cost.
  • 7. Determining the transaction value of similar patent/technology in last 5-10 years (if available).
  • 8. Extrapolating all the values and assigning a value to the given patent.

Why us?

  • 350+ in house researchers specializing in areas of ICT, Engineering and Life Sciences
  • 2,000+ searches conducted for clients till date
  • Native language capabilities in 16+ languages including CN, JP, KR, FR and DE.
  • Maximum patent coverage using 10+ databases
  • Best coverage for non-patent literature


Know your patent portfolio better and take informed IP decisions

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