Patent Licensing and Monetization

Transform your IP from a cost centre to a revenue generation unit

If you have a sizable patent portfolio, it is time you monetized it and opened new streams of revenue generation for your business. Sagacious IP’s Patent Licensing and Monetization service offers end-to-end solutions, from ranking your patent portfolio to identifying potential licensees, that enables you to transform your IP into a revenue generation unit.

Flexible plans that will put you on the road to IP monetization

Learn how much your existing IP is worth with Sagacious IP’s Patent Valuation Services

What makes us different?

  • People from diverse IP backgrounds sitting under one roof to build radical licensing strategies
  • Consultative approach to solve IP challenges
  • Emphasis on client’s objective
  • End-to-end support for patent licensing and sales
  • Considering technology landscapes while reviewing patents
  • Cost-effective & high-quality solutions
  • Short TATs

Rank Your Patent Portfolio With Our Award-Winning F3 Analysis Service

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Successfully monetize your IP portfolio and strike profitable licensing deals

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“F3 Analysis: A Solution for Strategic Optimization of Patent Portfolio”

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“Patent Portfolio Pruning: Realizing Immediate Cost Savings”