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Patent Proofreading
Is Your Patent Truly Enforceable?

Even the smallest clerical or typographical error can jeopardize your patent’s enforceability. Shockingly, thousands of patents worldwide become UNENFORCEABLE due to such oversights.

Did you know that the USPTO corrects over 20,000 patents each year? Don’t let yours be one of them!

Discover Sagacious IP’s most Cost-effective and guaranteed “Error-Free” Patent Proofreading services, enabling you to identify errors in a granted patent by cross-examination of communication documents stored in the Image File Wrapper of USPTO Public. This not only prevents future legal implications but also saves your time and effort.

With 15+ years of experience, our experienced team of IP professionals specialize in providing, QUICK, and MOST COST-EFFICIENT Patent Proofreading Services to support patent agents and attorneys at leading IP law firms or corporations.

What Sets Us Apart: Our Best Practices
Our Services are curated for each stage: Pre-Grant & Post-Grant
USPTO-compliant Document Preparation

Preparing documents ensuring compliance with all USPTO guidelines and requirements.

Choose from Full Patent and Face Page/Claims

Tailored offerings to choose between Full Patent and Face Page/Claims services including other aspects like abstract, specification, and drawings

Focused Application Stage Proofreading

Ensuring meticulous review of amendments throughout the prosecution process.

Precision in Error Checks

Meticulous scrutiny of grammar, antecedents, and claims.

Error Identification Expertise

Proficient in identifying and fixing errors from both the Patent and Applicant perspectives.

Rigorous Error Identification Procedure

Detailed proofing process targeting both PTO and Applicant errors.

Technical Terminology Proficiency

Adeptness in understanding and navigating technical terminology.

Certificate of Correction (CoC) Preparation

Expertise in preparing Certificates of Correction seamlessly.

Deep Understanding of US Prosecution Documents

Proficiency in understanding the nature of US prosecution documents.

Why Count on Us?
Ensure Error-Free, Enforceable Patents with the World's Most Trusted Proofreading Service Provider

Unbeatable Prices, Exceptional Services

Client-friendly price range, offering unmatched quality.

Quick Turnaround Time (TAT)

Ability to handle efficient proofreading with a quick turnaround.

Seasoned Team of Experienced Proofreading Experts

500+ in-house techno-legal professionals.

OCR-Based Technology

Use of cutting-edge software tools.

Maintaining 100% Data Security/Confidentiality

High data security and high quality standards with independent delivery model.

Multi-step Quality Check/ Assurance Process

Ensuring multi-step QA/QC process built on extensive industry experience.

Served 1,000+ Global Clients

We deliver unmatched Excellence in client satisfaction.