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Strategic Patent Prosecution Support

Sagacious IP’s Directed or Strategic Patent Prosecution Support service enables you to build a comprehensive patent portfolio by identifying the products that are very close in terms of the technology disclosed in the claims of a subject patent and then making changes to the claims so that the ease of identifying infringement for the updated claims increases. These claims are then filed in an application as a CP or CIP.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Strategic Patent Prosecution Support Plans

Why Patent Professionals Trust Sagacious IP for Strategic Patent Prosecution Support:

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A large Fortune500 telecom giant from Europe asked us to identify infringement of their portfolio in the area of microcontrollers. We identified some patents that were infringed and then some patents where there was Intent of Use (IoU). However, not all claim limitations were present. Moreover, there were claim terms which did not make sense to be included. There were many low-level details that could have been excluded from the claim. The resulting application was filed as CP.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious routinely analyses the patent portfolio of a Fortune100 company to identify patents that have at least 1 open application. These patents are then evaluated against its competitor’s products to see if there is a need to tweak the claims.


Patent prosecution refers to the interactive process of drafting, filing as well as negotiating with the concerned patent and trademark office to secure a patent for an invention.

Patent applicants can save costs associated with patent prosecution by conducting exhaustive patentability searches and drafting a patent application as per the guidelines laid down by the concerned patent office.

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