Trademark Landscape Search and Analysis

Sagacious IP’s Trademark Landscape Search enables companies to understand trademark trends and make informed decisions. Businesses leverage our Trademark Landscape Analysis to identify competitors’ trademark filings, their strategies, and new opportunities in different classes and countries to tailor their business and trademark-related R&D investments accordingly. It is a concrete decision-making support tool that leverages information from diverse sources to identify trends.

Customized Trademark Landscape Search as per Budget

Our Trademark Landscape Search Reports (TLSRs) provide detailed information on the trademark scenario on a specific market trend on national, regional, and global scales.

Start-ups, R&D institutions, and large corporates rely on Sagacious IP’s Trademark Landscape Analysis in the following scenarios:

Special Note: Trademark Landscape Search Reports output will vary as per individual needs.


Trademark landscape search entails analyzing competitors’ trademark filings and their IP strategies to identify opportunities and threat in a market.

Companies typically conduct trademark landscape search while planning to enter a new market or line of business, researching for new potential products, expanding trademark portfolio, etc.

Trademark landscape search reports help companies make informed and effective business decisions pertaining to their trademark-related R&D investments.

Trademark landscape analysis outlines a company’s trademark-related strengths, resources, and needs, aiding businesses in making critical decisions about protecting, defending, and expanding their trademark portfolios.

A comprehensive trademark landscape analysis should cover five key topics:

  1. Your top competitors
  2. Products and services your competitors offer
  3. Your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  4. Strategies your competitors are using to achieve their objectives
  5. Overall market outlook
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