Foreign Language Search

Improve patent search results by removing language barriers

Searching for patents only in English or any other language limits the search results and you end up missing out on several relevant patents. Sagacious IP deploys a dedicated Foreign Language Search team with expertise in 15+ major global languages including Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Spanish and Italian, allowing you to expand IPR in new markets and conduct more targeted and comprehensive patent searches.

Leverage world-class Foreign Language patent search professionals with flexible pricing

Why us?

  • Capability of searching in over 15 languages, including Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.
  • More than 300 techno legal professionals specialized in areas of ICT, Life Sciences and Engineering.
  • Connect with foreign language technical reviewers for more a comprehensive approach.

Customers We Work With

  • R&D Companies
  • Research Institutes/ Universities (Technology Transfer Offices)
  • Individual Inventors/ Primary Researchers
  • Knowledge Analysts
  • Attorneys/ Law Firms
  • Translators for corporations/ individuals

Impact Story

A law firm involved in a patent litigation case was working to invalidate a patent for which they required our assistance. The subject patent was filed in South Korea and had family members across various jurisdictions filed in different languages. Search was formulated to cover all documents published in English and languages other than English that could affect the validity of the subject patent. Using search strategies for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German and French (native language) keywords, Sagacious IP identified two strong references against the subject patent which were used by the law firm in defending their client in a major infringement case.

Take Your Patent Search Beyond Language Barriers