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Sagacious IP’s Design Patent Search service focuses on the aesthetic part of an invention and enables you to identify potential infringements or prior arts. It identifies relevant design classifications, term sets and uses them to develop a search strategy that comprehensively covers all the designs in a pre-defined technological domain.

Design Patent Searches that are comprehensive and cost-effective.

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Targeted product:

Closest art (patent by CHEF'N CORPORATION):

In the aforementioned example, the found prior art resembles the targeted product. However, the gear mechanism differentiates them. Hence, the found prior is not a direct threat for now but this patent must be kept in mind while redesigning the product using the gear mechanism.


You can search design patents on free resources such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent search database, the European Patent Office (EPO) patent search database, and Google Patents.

A patent search company can charge anywhere from USD 150 to USD 2,000 for searching for a design patent.

Design patent search refers to the process of identifying existing design patents available in public domain using patent databases. Companies can perform these searches in-house or with the help of third-party vendors.

One must conduct design patent searches as it helps in:

  • Checking the novelty of the design and getting design patent protection in the respective jurisdiction.
  • Revealing the design patent protection strategy of the competitors.
  • Mitigating risks of infringing on another entity’s designs.

Any company or individual inventor seeking a design patent must carry out exhaustive design patent searches before filing an application with the concerned patent office. These searches are also important for product companies wherein the aesthetic appeal of the product is one of the critical parameters among customers. For example, jewellery, handbags, cars, watches, mobiles, consumer items, home appliances, etc.

Streamline your innovation-to-market pipeline by launching infringement -free products.

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Free Samples - Design Patentability Search Reports

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