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Patent Mining

Managing and monetizing patent portfolios entails identifying and prioritizing assets. That’s where Patent Mining comes in. With Sagacious IP’s Patent Mining service, you can identify which technologies to license or sell marginal assets to generate revenue, to donate or even abandon assets to reduce costs, and to identify acquisitions to strengthen or expand an existing portfolio.

Cost-effective Patent Mining Through Flexible Plans

Patent professionals, licensing program managers and patent owners opt for Patent Mining, for different business needs or objectives:


Why Sagacious IP?
At Sagacious IP, we understand that due to budget and time constraints, one cannot analyze each patent in the portfolio in detail to understand its market applicability. Below are the prime reasons why patent professionals trust us for Patent Mining:

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

  1. A Japan-based licensing firm used our patent mining services to kick-start their various licensing programs. Multiple portfolios were screened to identify patents related to smartphone technologies and features (including cameras, UI aspects, apps, etc.). We used our proprietary ranking algorithm to sort the patent list and quickly screened through the patents (hundreds of them) to select a subset for detailed review. We identified infringement and prepared claim charts.

Impact Story 2

  1. A Seattle based company specializing in application services and application delivery networking (ADN) was sued for patent infringement and used our patent mining services for counter-assertion. We reviewed their patent portfolio and identified patents relevant to the target company and its products in a very short span of time. They were successful in negotiating a licensing deal based on our analysis.


Patent mining refers to the act of mining particular patents from a patent portfolio that match one’s business or technical requirements. It allows you to identify technologies that you can license or sell to generate revenue and patent assets that you can abandon for reducing costs.