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Expert-Curated AI Patent Search

Sagacious IP’s Expert-Curated AI Patent search service is designed to deliver results quickly as a first-step filtering mechanism. The search helps in reducing time and cost while enhancing the overall efficiency of the patent searching process.

Navigating The AI-Based Patent Searching Experience – The Sagacious Way

Experts at Sagacious IP have mastered using Artificial Intelligence to search patents quickly. The Expert Curated AI patent search service serves as the initial step in the patent search process, enhancing the overall search efficiency.

This step helps in reducing the cost of manual patent searches and minimizes the effort required to determine the next steps.

State-of-the-Art AI-Based Patent Searches with Quick Turnaround

Explore Smarter Searching with Expert-Curated AI Patent Searches

Time Reduction

By harnessing the capabilities of AI based patent search along with expert review, we accelerate the delivery of comprehensive search results.

Efficient Process

Leveraging AI technology accelerates the search process and improves the efficiency of experts reviewing the results.

Experts Involvement

Our searching expertise helps us quickly identify related patents, which we then use to guide the AI tool and improve the end results.

Expedited Prosecution

This streamlined process significantly accelerates prosecution timelines, minimizing the chance of office actions.

Cost Savings

AI based patent search reduces search efforts, enhancing the speed of screening multiple inventions thereby lowering associated costs.

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