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Our team of technology experts can create a simple summary of patent(s) identified during portfolio analysis/IP Audit, during IP/technology due diligence, or any other customised prior-art search. These summaries not only help inventors to understand inventions better but are a proven approach to smoothen collaboration within teams.

Detail-driven Patent Summaries that are cost-effective and time-bound

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Patent summaries are one of our most versatile services with application in almost all types of search and analysis. Prepared by subject matter and IP experts, the service assists clients within all sectors – from innovation to enforcement, and legal to commercialization.

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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

When one of the world’s Top 10 Food Tech companies wanted to have an expert opinion on the validity of its patents with summaries of conflicting documents; they chose Sagacious

Impact Story 2

When one of the global Pharmaceutical leaders wanted to summarize a competitor’s patents and map to its current technology, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 3

When a global leader in FMCG, planned to partner with a renowned Material Tech company and required details of technologies within the company’s pool for easy understanding and analysis, they chose Sagacious.


A summary is that section of a patent application that summarizes an invention while emphasizing its nature and purpose. It helps in understanding the invention by highlighting its benefits or how it solves existing problems in the art.

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Free Samples - Patent Summary Reports

Checkout our samples (reports) in different technology/industry domains


Patent Summary for ICT domain

(Information and Communications Technology and related topics)


Patent Summary for Engineering domain

(Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical and related topics)


Patent Summary for Life-Sciences & Chemistry domain

(Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and related topics)


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