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Sagacious IP’s state-of-art Trademark Watching services allow brands to keep an eye out for trademark infringement both globally and within the regions they operate. Our dedicated team leverages both conventional and non-conventional resources to keep a track of possible infringement and enable customers to protect their valuable brand names.

Trademark Monitoring Plans That Are Cost-Effective and Result-Driven

Organizations rely on Sagacious IP’s Trademark Monitoring service to:

Why Organizations Rely on Sagacious IP for Trademark Searches?
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Impact Stories

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A US-based pharmaceutical giant wanted to focus Trademark Watching only on its goods and services. Sagacious IP was roped in for the project and continues to engage with the client, offering dedicated Design and Word monitoring, both global and region-specific, as a part of its Trademark Watching services.


Trademark monitoring refers to a search carried out to identify confusingly similar trademarks which are being used or have been applied for. The objective of this search is to file timely objections and take appropriate legal action against the infringers.

On the other hand, trademark docketing is the process of keeping track of statuses and the myriad deadlines related to trademark applications and registrations. A single trademark application involves multiple deadlines. Hence, docketing helps in adhering to them and making the filing process seamless.

A trademark watch can be set up with the help of trademark search partners who can provide valuable information on developments that include the filing as well as publishing of a new application. Most importantly, the publishing stage is the right time for businesses to oppose trademark registration.

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