India Trademark Filing and Prosecution

Maintain Your Brand’s Exclusivity, Goodwill & Reputation Through Trademark

Brand identity and reputation is everything. A trademark plays a vital role in maintaining a distinct identity from your competitors. Be proactive in registering your trademark to ensure that you maintain exclusivity and protect your brand.

India Trademark Filing

Cost-Effective India Trademark Filing and Prosecution Strategies

Why is Trademark useful?

  • Exclusive right to use the mark in respect to the associated goods or services
  • Take legal action against third parties fraudulently using the mark
  • Builds goodwill and reputation of a business
  • Recognition of the quality of goods and services.
  • Protection for 10 years and further through subsequent renewals.
  • Helps in creation of intangible assets.
  • Can use ® symbol in the mark when the mark is registered.
Why Sagacious IP?
  • Identification and availability search - In order to choose a right mark and registration feasibility check, we recommend a trademark availability search which is performed by our experts so that your mark gets a speedy registration without getting stuck due to objections.
  • Filing and Prosecution - We are adept at filling and prosecuting trademark applications in India & globally, and to achieve this we have a team of trademark professionals. Our trademark team is well acquainted to assist you with the procedure and other incidental matters related to it.
  • Trademark Watch - In order to ensure protection of your mark from any fraudulent imitation or usage, our professionals regularly keep an eye out and provide trademark watch services to identify the imitators. Through our regular and constant searching, our team has developed effective skills to quickly identify any fraudulent imitation or infringement and take appropriate actions.
  • International Registration - We assist in getting international registration of your mark through filing Madrid Application. In 2013, getting an International trademark registration in multiple countries with a single application was made possible through India’s accession to Madrid System of International Registration of Marks. Our professionals aim to assist you with the requirements and procedural formalities involved in Madrid application.

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