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Patent Drawings/Illustrations

Patent drawings or patent illustrations are not mandatory as per the statutory rules; still, they can help applicants in many ways. Viewing the importance of illustrations for patents, Sagacious IP offers patent drawing services to its esteemed clients. With a team of expert draftsperson, we offer drawings that are drafted keeping in mind the patent drawing rules of the concerned PTO.

The Sagacious IP team is experienced at making utility patent drawings and designing patent drawings that can present your invention with every detail on paper.


Patent drawings are graphical representations that are attached to a patent application to better explain an invention. These can also be considered as a secondary language that reveals the actual picture of an invention.

After placing all the patent drawings, the views of an invention should be numbered in Arabic numerals in continuation. This means that the first drawing should be denoted as FIG. 1, second as FIG. 2, and so on.

As per the patent laws, a patent applicant must provide at least one patent drawing of the invention wherever applicable.

Some popular paid software packages for patent drawing are SmartDraw, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, DraftSight, and OmniGraffle 7 for Mac. While FreeCAD, Inkscape, SketchUp, LibreOffice Draw are some free patent drawing software.

To draw patent illustrations, it is vital to be aware of elements that need to be included in patent drawings. Similarly, drawings should be created in a manner acceptable to the USPTO. While an applicant can draw black and white drawings using a pen and ruler, he or she can also use computer drawing software to produce a drawing. There is also a provision for submitting color drawings to the USPTO.

Patent illustration/drawing is a critical component of a patent application that is decisive in determining a successful patent grant. Therefore, many inventors or businesses hand over this job to a professional draftsperson in order to avoid errors and save time and money.

Patent drawings are an essential component of a patent application. Applicants need to furnish patent drawings of an invention whenever a drawing can assist in understanding the invention.

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