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India Patent Filing and Prosecution

Sagacious IP’s India Patent Filing and Prosecution services enable you to secure your invention by leveraging a strong patent draft prepared by a skilled patent attorney that ensures your invention is protected in the swiftest and most cost-effectively.

Result oriented and Cost-Effective Patent Filing & Prosecution Services

Accurate and Speedy Submission by IP Experts

Secure your invention through a team of highly skilled patent filing experts who can guide you in every step of the process. Timely and accurate filing of a patent is crucial for success and involves below steps:

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A provisional patent application is a legal document that can be used by an applicant to secure a filing date. This type of application does not mature into an issued patent. An applicant needs to file a regular non-provisional patent application within one year in order to obtain a patent grant.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) refers to an international agreement that has more than 150 contracting states. Therefore, a PCT patent filing makes it possible to acquire patent protection for an invention or process in many countries by filing a single ‘international’ patent application.

According to the USPTO, if applicants wish to correct an error in a patent application publication, they have the option of filing a request for republication. The request filed should include:

  • a copy of the application in compliance with the Office Electronic Filing System (EFS) requirements
  • the publication fees 
  • the processing fees

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