New Application Scouting

Accelerate the expansion of your technology to new markets

Sagacious IP’s Application Scouting service identifies new application areas for the technologies owned by corporations and research institutes. Application Scouting strengthens and boosts innovation, R&D strategy, patent portfolios and enables you to create market expansion strategies for your existing technology portfolio. With Application Scouting, you can build expansion or licensing strategies that exponentially increase ROI per innovation.

Discover new application areas for your technology with cost-effective and time-bound plans

Perform extensive Application Scouting analysis:

  • To discover unexplored areas of application for your technology.
  • To create competitive strategies by extending existing technologies to new applications.
  • To boost open innovation.
  • To collaborate with relevant entities or buying out licenses.
  • To facilitate sourcing needed to enter the new market.

Why us?

  • 50+ Application Scouting searches conducted.
  • Team of 300+ Techno-Legal Experts with in-depth knowledge of varied technology domains
  • Proficiency in usage of searching databases to perform various combinations of searches such as IPC/CPC class, assignee searches, citation searches and the like.
  • Experienced team for performing desktop and primary research.
  • Customized reports
  • Multi-Level Quality Checks
  • Optimized search costs

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

When one of the World’s Top 5 chemical producing companies wanted to identify potential new customers in the domain of their silicone-hybrid technology; they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 2

When a global leader in Agrochemical industry wanted to expand their market for their products and technologies, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 3

When a Japanese pharma company was prevented from launching products in Europe because of regulatory restrictions, they chose Sagacious to identify new areas of applying existing technology and not to miss out on revenue.

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