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Maximize your protection and minimize the office actions by having the accurate information before patent filing.

Featured Capabilities

Novelty / Patentability Search

Ascertain whether a potential invention is novel or not with a comprehensive, thorough and efficient Novelty Search provided by Sagacious IP. A novelty search also called as patentability search is done to assess if the concerned invention meets three fundamental requirements like novelty (new), usefulness, and non-obviousness, before being examined by the respective patent office. In a short span of 8+ years Sagacious IP has established itself as one of the renowned names in the patent search arena. It is one of the most widely engaged IP research firms that have completed more than 4000 projects from various verticals of the industry.

Invalidity Search

Invalidity or validity patent search is an exhaustive prior art search conducted after the issuance of the patent.

Freedom to Operate Search

Freedom to operate search also called as FTO search are critical to new product launch and thus it is important for companies to do it right at the beginning.

Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report

Sagacious IP’s Patent Landscape Search enables customers understand how a technology or industry is evolving by giving an 

Design Patentability Search

Sagacious IP’s Design Patent Search service focuses on the aesthetic part of an invention and enables you to identify potential infringements or prior arts.

Chemical Structure Search


Sagacious IP’s hyper-targeted Chemical Structure Search is a highly specialized search used to identify chemical structures mentioned in patent and non-patent publications. 

Biological Sequence Search

Our in-depth Biological Sequence Search is designed to unearth even the most hard-to-find sequences hidden deep within a wide array of patent and non-patent literature,

Non-Patent Literature Search

agacious IPs Non-Patent Search retrieves published information that is crucial for any stage of a product lifecycle. Non-patent literature (NPL) are articles published in scientific journals, 

Foreign Language Search

Searching for patents only in English or any other language limits the search results and you end up missing out on several relevant patents.

Patent Monitoring

They say knowledge is power. Our hyper-targeted Patent Monitoring services allow you to gain the knowledge you need to put your plans into motion. 

Markush Structure Search

Sagacious IP’s Markush Structure Search is an extension to the Chemical Structure Search and Analysis. This search, based on Markush structures,

Knock Out Validity Search

Sagacious IP’s Knock Out Validity Search is designed to quickly check patent and non-patent documents that may challenge the validity of the claims of a subject

Custom Patent Searches

Sagacious IP’s Custom Patent Search model is designed for customers who have a specific set of parameters or guidelines for conducting searches, instead of a standard parameter. 

Technology Scouting

Sagacious IP’s multifaceted Technology Scouting service is regarded as a method of technology forecasting or in a broader context – an element of corporate foresight.

Patent Summary

Affordable and Inventor-Friendly Patent Summaries Covering Major Technologies Across the Globe. Our team of technology experts can create a simple summary of patent(s) identified during portfolio analysis/IP Audit, during IP/technology due diligence, or any other customised prior-art search.

Technology Benchmarking

New Application Scouting

Sagacious IP’s Application Scouting service identifies new application areas for the technologies owned by corporations and research institutes. Application Scouting strengthens and boosts innovation, R&D strategy, patent portfolio and enables you to create market expansion strategies for your existing technology portfolio. With Application Scouting, you can build expansion or licensing strategies that exponentially increase ROI per innovation.

Impact Stories

Danish Pharmaceutical Firm Got Strategic Information partner

When a Danish Pharmaceutical Firm wanted an information partner to help them become No 1 in female fertility market, They Chose Sagacious.

French Diabetes Care Giant Got Strategic Litigation partner

When a French Diabetes Care Giant wanted to monitor and counter any upcoming IP competition and threat, They Chose Sagacious.

Leading European Chemical company Got Strategic FTO search partner

When a leading European company wanted to set-up a chemical plant in the middle-east and to launch chemical products produced there globally without any legal hassles, They Chose Sagacious.

Upcoming Turkish Electrical Company Got To Screened Idea For Patentability

When an upcoming Turkish Electrical Appliance Company wanted to lead the global markets and screen regular flow of ideas for market potential and patentability, They Chose Sagacious.

Our People

Vaibhav Henry

EVP – ICT Licensing & Searching

Patent Commercialization Expert (ICT)
Master’s in Information Systems (NSIT, Delhi), Licensing Expert with keen interest & experience in Computer Science & Electronics.

Rajat Gulati

SBU Head – Engineering

B.Tech in Product Engineering, MBA in Marketing, PG Diploma in IPRL and LL.B. 13+ years of experience on variety of patent, technology and data analysis related projects.

Ankur Gupta

SBU Head- Life Science

Masters in Biological Sciences(BITS Pilani)
6+ years in the field of patent analytics and currently heads the Life Sciences & Chemistry Team.

Sumit Prasad

Manager – ICT Searching

Patent Licensing Expert (Telecommunication)ECE Engineer, 5+ Years in IP Industry, Licensing Professional with expertise in Telecom and Wireless Applications/Standards

Anubhav Bhatti

Project Manager – ICT Searching

Patent Search Expert (Electrical)Electrical Engineer, 3+ Years’ Experience in IP Industry, Searching Expert with focus in Motors, Actuators, HVACs and other Electrical Systems

Tanmay Mittal

IP Solutions Architect

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from NIT Hamirpur 7+ Years of Experience
IP & Business research, IP solutions Consulting & Innovation Catalysis are some of his specialities.

From Our Blog

Patent Landscape on Resistant Starch: Filing Trends, Top Players, Innovation Hotspots


With the rise in consumption of highly processed food products that cause a reduction in dietary fiber, the production and application of resistant starch in food has become a necessity. 

Featured Insights

FTO Search on Pharmaceutical Formulations

Report Sample

FTO Search Report – Sample: Sagacious IP conducted an FTO search to develop an understanding of the domain of the invention, identify key features and keywords, and outline the methodology to be followed for the project.


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