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Tamara J. Elmore, European Patent Attorney
Vereenigde Octrooibureaux N.V.
I have worked with Sagacious for a number of years and have found them reliable. The team is responsive and I would recommend Sagacious to others. Hope to growing the relationship further.
Barry Franks, Partner, European Patent Attorney
Hynell Intellectual Property AB
I have been using Sagacious Research for my IP searches for almost ten years. I have always found them to be reliable, conscientious and very responsive to my requests. Although my current firm is small, I always feel that I am getting the same high level of attention and service that I received previously when working at a larger firm and I have no hesitation in recommending Sagacious Research’s services.
Steve Kloos, Partner
True North Venture Partners
I think Sagacious Research is an outstanding organization, with skilled researchers that are able to quickly grasp difficult technical concepts and devise appropriate search strategies and provide meaningful and actionable output. For us, for example with patentability searches, the real measure of the quality of the work that Sagacious provides is that the international search reports that our portfolio companies are getting back from cases where Sagacious did patentability searches and then we tweaked the claims appropriately before filing, that those ISRs are coming back crystal clean. As an investor, we know what we are investing in, that the patents will be good. And, we know that we are simplifying the patenting process and saving on considerable downstream expenses by having clean patents go through the system.
Glenn E. Forbis, Principal
Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C
It has been a very good experience to work with Sagacious IP on several patentability and invalidity searches. I am really impressed with the quality of their services. I look forward to opportunities to see their work in other areas. I highly recommend them!
Chris Vindurampulle, Senior Associate
K&L Gates LLP
I was happy to engage the services of SAGACIOUS IP in a freedom to operate patent analysis. The team provided the results in a professional and timely manner. Will definitely SAGACIOUS IP in mind for future work.
Mr Anders Hedman, European Patent Attorney
Aros Patent AB
Sagacious IP has been used by our firm as a steady, high-quality provider of various searches for many years. We are very satisfied with their services.
Aaron Frankel, Partner
Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
We used Sagacious IP for several patentability searches and were very happy with the thorough results, the quick turn-around, and the reasonable pricing. We will definitely use Sagacious IP again.
JON ANDER GÓMEZ, Head of Valuation of Intangible Assets and Technology Transfer, H&A
I have worked with Sagacious IP on several prior art search projects and happy with the work quality as well as by their responsiveness. Their client alignment, sincerity towards work and prompt communication is something that keeps me assured that I’m going to get the best output. I would be happy to use Sagacious IP again and also, recommend them to others.
Katarina Dahlenborg
I have been working with Sagacious primarily on prior art searches including Patentability, FTOs and Landscapes and truly appreciate all the great work you have done for us thus far. Your work product is of great quality with well-timed delivery. We have developed a good working relationship to be well-used also in future projects.
George Wu, Partner
Culhane Meadows PLLC
I have worked with Sagacious IP on our patent illustration requirement and I was very pleased with their excellent work quality, prompt response time as well as their reasonable pricing. The team was able to produce detailed and accurate formal drawings in a professional and timely manner. I also appreciate the high-level detail for the extensive reference numerals. We are glad to have found a solid patent drawing company that we can rely on and are excited to keep using Sagacious for our patent drawing requirement and also, recommend them to others.
Gary P. Topolosky, Independent Law Practice Professional, Pittsburgh, PA
I have worked with Sagacious IP on various Trademark search projects and I was much pleased with their excellent work quality, prompt response as well as their competitive pricing. The team was always able to produce quality search report that represents good value for my clients. I am glad to have found a solid Trademark search company that I can rely on and also, recommend them to others.
Chris Joe, Managing Member
Buether Joe & Carpenter, LLC
We first started using Sagacious in 2012 and have asked them to work on a number of infringement and invalidity charts since then. They are a rare find among a large number of Indian IP research firms, and they have been especially helpful with our litigations. Their work quality is very good.
Stoyan A. RADKOV, Director & Founder
Priority IP Ltd
I have worked with Sagacious on Freedom to Operate Searches and it has always been a great experience. Their team is responsive and attentive to the details provided in the disclosure and use that for focused analysis which is easy for us to analyze. We are happy working with them and look forward to working with them again.
Mike R. Turner, Partner
Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP
Though my needs are sporadic, I’ve always been pleased with the service and results I’ve received from Sagacious. They are thorough, reasonably priced, and provide a wide range of relevant services.
Francine B. Nesti, Shareholder
Young Basile Hanlon & MacFarlane P.C.
We have worked with Sagacious IP on various patent illustration projects and we found that the entire team was very professional and that the team was able to produce quality drawings that represents good value for our clients. They were able to accommodate urgent deadlines (when required) and provided modified accurate versions within a few hours. Wewould recommend them to others.
Jeff Woller, Associate General Counsel – Intellectual Property, Hyster-Yale Group, Inc.
Sagacious is a quick, responsive partner that is an asset to work with. Their services are professionally performed in a timely manner, and include conscientious follow-up to ensure that the work meets customer expectations. I know a project will be well done when Sagacious is on the task.
Stephen D. Zinda, Partner
Cabello Hall Zinda, PLLC.
We recently hired Sagacious IP in a case where we were defending our client against claims of patent infringement. We decided to proceed with their “Silver Bullet” offering, which is a contingency based prior art search service. In that offering Sagacious IP charges a higher amount of money if they identify “killer prior art” and a lower amount if they are not able to identify something useful. We were very satisfied with the outcome, as they were able to identify prior art that we consider to be “killer,” including for some of the dependent claims at issue. Based on our experience, we would recommend them to our clients and colleagues.
Oliver Ridderbusch, Partner
Prisma IP Patentanwaltskanzlei
We work with Sagacious on prosecution of Indian patent applications, patent searches and further areas. We appreciate the excellent quality and reliability of Sagacious. Also urgent matters are handled to our greatest satisfaction.
Swarnim Gupta, Head R&D
We had engaged with Tanmay/Sagacious during my stint as R&D Manager at Enpro. Tanmay was quick to respond, available and enthusiastic to discuss the possibilities and identify the problem areas. While we had approached only for Parents, he was able to educate us about the entire realm of IP, and gave us pointers to understand more. All this without trying to sell. Getting the customer aware before making the decision was something we rarely see in market these days. He was also able to find other potential problem areas, and provided solutions for them. He has command over his field, and is well informed about the happenings, and shortcomings, and was honest in communication. Kudos for the wonderful job, and hope to hear success stories.
Aditya Mayekar, Assistant Manager - Technical Support, Mounting Solar-Kit Private Limited
Worked with Sagacious IP for the first time and we were really happy to engage the services of SAGACIOUS IP for getting patent done for our product. The team was responsive, knowledgeable, professional and experienced in the work. They were successful in providing us with end-to-end solutions required for this project. Hope to growing the relationship further.
Carmen Truchuelo, Patent Department
UNGRIA Patentes y Marcas S.A.
Nice job! A well structured and focused search is well received at our end. It has always been a good experience engaging Sagacious on different projects. Keep up the good work.
Antonella De Gregori, European Patent Attorney
Hynell Intellectual Property AB .
Whenever we have a requirement relating to novelty searches, Invalidity, FTO or landscape searches in the domain of Engineering, Life Sciences or even ICT, we seek Sagacious IP support. I have worked with Sagacious team on numerous projects in past few years and found them to be proactive in reply, technically competent and solution oriented. I recommend Sagacious IP for all upcoming assignments
Paul Dunn, Patent Attorney & Group Intellectual Property Manager, Renishaw PLC
We’re always very pleased with the quality of work that your firm provides. We especially like the interactive approach to searching - we can explain our requirements to your searchers and then interact with them as they progress the search. We’ve also found that you provide a timely response (even during a pandemic!) and are always happy to discuss directly with us by phone.
Patrick J. Coyne, Partner
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner
I have retained Sagacious on several projects and referred several of our clients to them. They are responsive and responsible. Sagacious has always come through for me and my clients with timely, effective, and on-point search results.
Claine Snow, Senior Counsel
Arcturus Therapeutics
I was preparing a patent application for a friend as a side project, and I reached out to Sagacious IP to ask about preparing formal drawings. Since my friend was paying for the filing costs himself, we had a tight budget, but the sales representative was very helpful in discussing how we could control costs and we were able to meet our budget expectations. The work was high quality, and they were quick to get the drawings prepared and revise them as needed.
Takeyuki FUJIMOTO, Intellectual Property Division
Thank you for the report. I have read though your report and found that, it is brilliant! Honestly, I am very impressed to see that. In my opinion, although I agree that we still have rooms for conducting further review by extracting a comprehensive data set, manual screening then, and analyzing them in detail, however, to establish a hypothetical business scheme and evaluate thereof, the report you have provided is sufficiently enough.
Lynette Wylie, Attorney
Apex Juris PLLC
Anant and Nick of Sagacious have consistently provided prompt and professional patent support services to our boutique IP firm over the past few years. We have been particularly impressed with their responsive communication in order to fully comprehend the format and substantive scope of a project result in order to obviate potential miscommunication.
Oliver Dannenberger
Abitz & Partner mbB
We have engaged Sagacious IP on several search assignments for more than 10 years now. They have always been very responsive and adaptive to our needs. I regularly use Sagacious on pharmaceutical patent searches aimed at Freedom To Operate in Europe and USA, patent landscapes for APIs/formulations and for invalidating/opposing granted patents. Many FTO studies involve searching Chemical Structures and analyzing Markush claims, which Sagacious handles deftly and transparently. I look forward to continuing our long relationship and recommend their service to anyone looking for a reliable team, in particular for conducting searches in the pharmaceutical field.
Alex Smith, Trainee UK & European Patent Attorney, Barker Brettell
I have been pleased with each piece of work Sagacious has done for me. They always fulfill the brief and return a quality report that represents good value for the client
Wolfgang Wess, Partner, European Patent Attorney, SSM Sandmair Patentanwälte
Sagacious IP has been my first choice when it comes to Invalidity Searches. I have worked with them on many patent search projects and being one of the premier search firms since 2010, I strongly recommend IP fraternity.
Intellectual Property Analyst, Medical Devices manufacturer from Europe
We have worked with Sagacious team on numerous projects in past specifically on Freedom to operate (FTO) searches and found them to be proactive in reply, technically competent and solution oriented. We will continue to use services of Sagacious IP for the upcoming assignments and will surely recommend Sagacious IP to others!
Andrew Haberman, Partner
Edell Shapiro & Finnan, LLC
I work with Sagacious IP on Patent Illustration and Patent Searching projects. They are technically competent, quickly understand my requirements, and provide an excellent turnaround time. I am very happy with the services of Sagacious IP and recommend them to others!
Peter Armstrong, CEO
Mixergy Ltd
Sagacious IP provide a very thorough service with responsive project management, this has had a material impact on our filing strategy’
Garth Hendry, Partner
Catalyst IP
I recently approached Sagacious IP to conduct a Prior Art Search for a technology/invention in the cardiac disease domain. The pre-search engagement was very thorough and professional, and we received a timely and well-structured report clearly highlighting the areas in the references that mapped to key features of interest. We would be very comfortable in engaging Sagacious IP for future patentability/IP landscape work.
John G. Tobin, President/CEO, Nutra3 Complex/NutraFood Science Delivery System, Inc
I have recently engaged with your company, Sagacious IP, on a Patent Valuation assignment and found them to be very professional. The team which handled our assignment pro-actively worked with us in devising the strategies and methodology and kept us updated at every step. The final valuation report was given to us in a timely manner to meet our deadline. The analysis performed was complete and provided us the required insights. I would be happy to engage with you again on future assignments and, also recommend others to use your services.
Michael D. Harris, Partner
SoCal IP Law Group
I worked with Sagacious IP on patent illustration projects. Great final work product. The excellent drawings ensure we covered all aspects of the invention. On time too at reasonable prices. I would be happy to use Sagacious IP again and gladly recommend them to others.
Hendrik Jan, Dutch, Belgian & European Patent Attorney, De Vries & Metma
Since over 2 years now, I have been engaging services of Sagacious IP to conduct several novelty, invalidity and freedom to operate studies for my patent search cases. Their Analysts exhibit high competency in the technical domains of the inventions involved. Remote collaboration with them is smooth with time commitments met each time. I am happy with their service capability and look forward to continue engaging them on my patent search cases.
Rajesh T. Chopra, Owner
I have never needed such service to apply for a PATENT . So, it was very necessary to be guided at every step . YOU and SAGACIOUS TEAM have been very cordial , helpful and guided me at every stage . I am blessed to be associated with you and Sagacious. Hope , I get the PATENT soon . My BEST WISHES AND REGARDS TO YOU ALL AT SAGACIOUS.
Rahul Agarwal, Director
HiTech Chemicals
We had engaged with Tanmay/Sagacious at our chemical manufacturing organisation (Intocast Hitech). Tanmay has been very transparent throughout the process, was quick to respond and enthusiastic to discuss the possibilities and identify the problem areas. His support helped us understand IPR related matters better and take suitable actions for our organisation.
Atul Chouthai
General Manager
We’re are very pleased with the quality of work that your firm provides. We especially like time bond- interactive approach to searching. Your team work closely with clients like ours to address needs with quality. Thank you for the same.

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