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Google Patents Smart Contact Lenses

Google recently filed a US patent for embedding tiny microscopic cameras into contact lenses. It is interesting to see how innovative businesses and inventors are exploring unique applications for contact lenses. We will, in...

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Patent Fight on Galvus Soar: Novartis Now Sues Biocon

Swiss giant Novartis has dragged Biocon to Delhi High Court for allegedly infringing patent rights of its diabetes drug “Galvus” and now Biocon cannot manufacture, sell or export vildagliptin until the next hearing. The multinational is seeking an injunction...

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“Novartis AG v Union of India” Patent Case

In 2006, the Indian patent office had rejected the patent application for Novartis cancer drug, “Glivec” on grounds that – –    The original molecule imatinib was in public domain before 1995—the cut-off year...

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India: Patent Opposition System

The idea behind patent opposition is to restrain wrongful patent grants and claims of the petty inventions. So, under Indian Patent act, depending upon the stage of the patent, there are two provisions when...

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