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SAGACIOUS IP COVID19 Research Assistance Program

Sagacious IP’s Pro Bono 1000 Hours of Free multi-lingual Patent/ Literature Information support to COVID researchers.

From 2020, WIPO GREEN reinstates its pro bono advice program, with services offered by two partners, Sagacious IP and Sidley Austin LLP.
Gain access to Newsworthy Intellectual Property Insights/Patent Statistics for Free

Update: We are humbled by response we received and now that the 1,000 hours we initially committed are about to exhaust, we are expanding the program by another 500 hours.

Program Introduction

The role of Science in preserving and protecting human life has never been more paramount. That is why, we at Sagacious IP are donating 1,000 hours of expert research and consulting support (in the form of Patent and Non-Patent Literature studies) to the members of the global science and research community tackling the COVID-19 challenge ahead of humanity.

The program worth US $65,000 will provide free multi-lingual Patent/ Literature Information support to Coronavirus researcher across the globe. Any patent landscapes/ patentability / FTOs/ patent drafting etc related to COVID19 inventions (PPEs, prevention, detection, cure, testing, convenience during lock down, etc) will be done for FREE.

Who has used the program

Over the past few months, Sagacious IP ‘s COVID19 research assistance program has been used by researchers globally including

Download “A Detailed Guide on Coronavirus (COVID-19) History, All Current/ Pipeline Treatments & Ongoing/ Past Research/Patents”

What have we done till now

The support requested by various beneficiaries of this assistance program spanned across various topics

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What is the Best way to utilize the program?

Start-ups, Businesses and Researchers can request research from Sagacious IP related to any invention road blocks they may be facing currently. Sagacious IP will then research and identify possible answers from the vast expanse of patent and non-patent literature. They may also ask us to do surveys on past research related to Coronaviruses as well as any similar viruses.

Agencies, Governments and Venture Capital Funds evaluating COVID-19 related technologies submitted for funding etc. can use our capabilities to get a due diligence done on the technologies.

IP Law firms and Legal Departments within corporates that are helping expedite the release of COVID-19 related technologies to market, creating open patent pools, etc. can request research notes and data mining support from our analysts.

Download “A Detailed Guide on Coronavirus (COVID-19) History, All Current/ Pipeline Treatments & Ongoing/ Past Research/Patents”



Register for Coronavirus Research Assistance Program

  • You may ask any questions related to past research [about corono or any other virus strains] that can give you newer ideas of help you overcome any of the research roadblocks you may have hit.
  • Max. file size: 20 MB.

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