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End to End SEP Licensing support helps discover hidden revenue streams and potential licensees. As number of SEP licensing deals across the globe grows, it has become the core focus area of not only the large IP-centric companies but even for SMEs and individual inventors owning patents. However, to drive maximum benefit out of licensing your SEPs and making the process efficient, it is of paramount importance to understand the intricacies of licensing SEPs and using it as a strategy. Sagacious IP’s years of experience in end-to-end SEP Licensing Support comes handy for equally for large/mid-size organizations and individual IP owners. For large corporations we identify the SEPs, the target markets to maximize the deal value, while for individual IP Owners we assess, design and drive a robust licensing program.

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Impact Stories

Individual Inventor With 6 US Patent Generated 12mn US$ By Patent Licensing

Sagacious identified a patent portfolio (6 US patents) belonging to an individual inventor that had a high potential in the field of automatically structuring unstructured content and identified high potential infringing targets. Thereafter, Sagacious connected the inventor with a top licensing firm (one of Sagacious’ clients), which then helped in driving the licensing program.

SME With 3 Patent Families, Closed Successful Licensing Deals With Largest Social Media Company

A company operating in the field of VR was looking to start a licensing program. Sagacious was able to identify a number of high-potential targets and thereafter partnered with a licensing firm and supported it throughout the litigation to effectively license out the patents to the largest social media company.

Sold Patents Of Subsidiary Of One Of Largest Mobile Phone Maker

Sagacious was given a portfolio of around 80 patents in Power Modules, TV Tuners and  Electronic Shelf Labels where client (subsidiary of the largest mobile phone maker from Korea) wanted to sell this portfolio to any company including NPEs. Sagacious was able to sell it to one of the biggest consumer electronics companies from the Netherlands

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