Freedom to Operate Analysis

Perform Early Stage FTO Analysis to Avoid Infringing on Competitor Patents

It is always a good idea to ascertain the chances of infringement before launching a big product or deciding the next stage of technical development. In case you have been wanting to do all this, we have got you covered. Sagacious IP’s Freedom to Operate analysis service not only helps you to identify the hurdles that stop you from making or selling a product in a particular geography, but also enables you to make sound business decisions.

Detailed FTO analysis with multiple language search options
Perform In-depth FTO analysis for patent – The Sagacious Way

Sagacious IP performs exhaustive FTO analysis to identify patents whose claims can stop you from either manufacturing/selling a product or carrying out a process in a particular jurisdiction. Our detailed analysis helps you in making informed business decisions.

What does our Freedom To Operate Analysis include?
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