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The future of IP is now

Industry verticals the world over are spending USD 907 billion annually on Industry 4.0.* Global industry and businesses are transforming by embracing the future with Industry 4.0, then why should IP stay behind? Sagacious IP’s IT for IP initiative offers bespoke IT solutions built around cutting-edge Industry 4.0 IT frameworks that leverage Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics. IT for IP leverages a hybrid mix of custom IT solutions, tools consulting and proprietary AI-driven tools to allow IP departments, business intelligence units and IP law practices implement the future, now.  *Source – PwC

Bespoke IT for IP Solutions

Custom IT Solutions

Tools Consulting

Proprietary Products & Tools

The IT for IP Framework

How You Benefit

Companies that successfully implement Industry 4.0 s expect to see USD 421 billion in cost reductions and USD 493 billion in increased annual revenues p.a. for the next five years

IP Departments
IP Managers
CxOs & Business Intelligence Managers
IP Law Firms

Success Stories

Impact Story 1

Sagacious IP created a custom, dynamic IP dashboard for a Japanese consumer electronics giant with 1mn+ strong IP portfolio.

Impact Story 3

Sagacious designed, built and implemented a custom IP website and portal for a UK based IP NPE.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious built and implemented an online service ordering portal for a mid-size Canadian law firm.

Impact Story 4

Sagacious IP created a custom AI-based search tool for an American IT giant, capable of conducting quick searches and generate automatic reports.

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