Exploring Plant Based Meat Industry

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Plant based Meat Industry

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Proposal for Sponsoring Multi-Client Study on Plant Based Meat Technology Domain (IP + Market Analysis)


The field of Plant Based Meat is expanding on day to day basis and many organizations including Fortune 500s, SMEs, startups, Universities and Research Institutions are extensively working in this field and therefore new innovations in the field are regularly observed. The innovators and the strategists are therefore actively looking for information on new products/ techniques that have already been filed and where there are whitespaces in this continuously evolving domain.

The aim of this study is to partner with organizations exploring ways to create technology driven competitive advantage by supporting them to evaluate technologies and strategizing through a detailed landscape analysis at a lower price.


  1. Access to a detailed study in the field of Plant Based Meat
  2. One-fourth the price of an exclusive landscape study
  3. Personalization and tailoring of report for specific business decision making
  4. Year-round updates


  1. Finalizing a common scope for all the contributors of the study which benefits all through individual consultation meetings and review
  2. Performing Detailed analysis of results including patent and non-patent literature
  3. Finalizing reports after 1-2 rounds of consultation with the contributors

Databases: Questel Orbit, Derwent Innovation, Google, Scholar, PubMed, Nature.com etc.


  1. Executive Summary – summary of our findings
  2. Quick Review Report: Analytical Report providing quick analysis of our findings
  3. Full Study Report: combination of reports including detailed Excel Report with relevant Patent and Non-Patent Details, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation including visualizations
  4. Expert Discussion – Discussion with consultants on findings
  5. Custom Research & Analysis – 10 hours (Tier 2), 20 hours (Tier 1)


  1. Sponsorship Tier 1:  USD 2,999
  2. Sponsorship Tier 2:  USD 1,999


  1. October 1st week – Study Launch and receiving approval for go ahead
  2. End of October – Sponsorship & Scope Finalization
  3. November – Study is conducted
  4. December – Final Report Delivered
  5. March 2021 – Quarterly Report Update + 1-hour Presentation & Q&A for you/your team
  6. June 2021 – Quarterly Report Update + 1-hour Presentation & Q&A for you/your team
  7. Sep 2021 – Quarterly Report Update + 1-hour Presentation & Q&A for you/your team


Ram Tenneti, Executive Vice President, Sagacious IP

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