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Chandan Singh

Manager - Product Development

Software Developer | 9+ experience in web applications development, Web Browser automation, SDLC

About Chandan Singh

I have 9+ years of experience working in web application development. Currently, I work as the Manager – Product Development at Sagacious Research, where I lead a software development team of seven, developing web applications using Multiple technologies!  I have worked for multiple industries like Telecom, Education, IP Healthcare etc… . I have Key responsibilities are to managing code, documenting and maintaining web applications, database designing, and server configuration in a agile project environment.

I joined sagacious IP in 2020, I was the first member of IT4IP initiative from the software development team. Under the IT4IP initiative we have developed 15+ web applications and 30+ internal automations in last 2 years.


PHP, CodeIgniter Framework , VBA, VB.Net, Selenium, Chrome Extensions Development, Browser Automation, MsSql, MySQL, MongoDB, jQuery, JavaScript, OOPS, Web Services (Rest & SOAP), Linux , Apache, Nginx and AWS etc…

Previously, I worked at Vcare call centers india pvt. ltd., Which is a leading software development company for telecom. here I worked as a module Lead, to improving products and services for the customers by web automations.



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