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Tanmay Mittal

Head, IP Solutions - India Region - India Sales

Total 10+ years of corporate experience.

About Tanmay Mittal

Tanmay heads Sagacious’ IP solutions and customer engagements in India. Tanmay’s 10+ years of professional experience is an interesting mix of working in-house in the IP departments of companies like Eaton, at Indian centers of US-based IP consulting companies like Thomson Reuters and UnitedLex, and operations, as well as customer-facing roles at Sagacious.

His diversified experience helps him to create IP strategies for clients by understanding their problem statements quickly and guiding them towards a robust IP roadmap.

In addition to these, Tanmay is actively enabling many Fortune 500 clients manage Innovation and boost creativity through customized solutions that include a mix of IP research, automation/tools and trainings/workshops.


IEC college of engg & tech. Gr. Noida

B. Tech 2007-11

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