About the program

As a value addition to our commercial service offerings, the Sagacious IP Partner Privilege Program is crafted for you – our Law Firm Clients – to further leverage Sagacious IP capabilities to:

  1. Stay informed through Complimentary Tailored Landscape Report(s), Industry IP Market Watch Reports*
  2. Gain on-demand access to IP information / contact data of your prospects, your technology areas and markets through complimentary HAPPYHOURS Research Assistance
  3. Avail CASHBACKS when spending on Sagacious IP’s commercial service offerings
  4. Engage in close interactions with our IP Research Solution Architects to design new service offerings and avail priority support for your needs
  5. Contribute to our long-term strategy and direction by being part of our Customer Advisory Board.


*When requesting Industry IP Market Watch Reports, clients can use the UNSPSC classification to select industries/product categories to watch.

Privilege Program preferance Form

If you are an existing customer and would like to know more about this program then please contact us at partner.privilege@sagaciousresearch.com


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