Patent Filing Form Preparation

End-to-End Documentation for your Patent Filing

Your IP application needs well-structured documentation to ensure it is in accordance with the respective patent office. Sagacious IP is adept in providing end-to-end documentation of all forms of IP form preparation so that you can focus more on business-critical decisions.

Form Preparation by Highly Qualified Paralegals at Flexible Prices

Why you need expert help when it comes to Patent Filing Form Preparation?

  • In absence of filing forms patent application may be rejected and applicant will then have to pay more money to restore the matter.
  • In absence of complete filing forms USPTO or other PTO will send a notification to complete the form requirements. As a result, apart from surcharge payment prosecution time also extends.
  • At the time of OA response filing, RCE filing, IDS filing etc. filing form must be prepared and filed with the details of fees associated.
  • Filing forms includes the inventor or applicant details and thus reduces the burden of filing of assignment.
Why Sagacious IP?
  • Consistent quality - no clerical errors
  • Save money from surcharge
  • Avoid receiving further notification from the PTO
  • Ensure complete filing

Make Expert Paralegal Support a Part of Your IP Cycle.

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