Patent Landscape Analysis and Search Report

Sagacious IP’s Patent Landscape Search enables customers to understand how a technology or industry is evolving by giving an overview and analysis of patent information. Customers leverage Sagacious IP’s Patent Landscapes to identify patents competition is filing, their patenting strategy, new opportunities/ threats in the domain, M&A possibilities, technology white spaces AND tailor their business and R&D investments accordingly.

Patent Landscape Customized for Every Budget and Specific Need

Patent Landscape Customized for Every Budget and Specific Need

Businesses, law firms, R&D institutions and inventors rely on Sagacious IP’s Patent Analytics in following scenarios:

Patent landscape output is different for each individual need.

Sagacious and Landscapes

Experience 1


14,000 hours of projects done



300+ Projects done



  • • Healthcare Equipment & Supplies
  • • Food, Beverage & Tobacco
  • • Biotechnology
  • • Wireless Services
  • • Machinery
  • ….and many more
Experience 2


USA, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, South Korea, UK, Germany, New Zealand, India


Why Organizations Rely on Sagacious IP for Patent Landscape Search?
Case Studies:
Technology Capabilities:

Leverage Sagacious IP’s Patent Landscape services to gain data-driven insights including:

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How to decide that Landscape Study would be helpful in your situation?

A few use-cases to relate to end-objectives addressed by Landscape Searches…


Technology Scouting

  • Scouting Technology for acquisitions.
  • Identifying Technology Partners.
  • Evaluation of key/emerging players across the value chain.


Application Scouting

  • Identifying possible new application for existing technology already owned by you.
  • Identify R&D solutions from existing IP knowledge to improve your product/offering.


R&D Problem Scouting

  • Planning R&D strategy/effort based on the IP trend analysis and problem statements currently addressed by the industry.
  • Increase ROI from R&D group by focusing their time and effort on strategic topics.


Opportunity Scouting

  • Identifying investment opportunities – New tech/product segment, M&A, etc.
  • Identifying market player (emerging) that may or may not have an IP position, yet (Start-ups/SMEs)


Technology Landscaping

  • Adaptation of target technology by observing the overlapping innovation/patent filing activities.
  • Technology improvements in the space irrespective of ownership.
  • Key contributors in the technology.


Competitor Benchmarking

  • Analysis on competitors’ IP portfolio and R&D strategies.
  • Evaluating Companies and analyzing threats to your market share.
  • Identify gaps in terms of technology and innovation.


Patent Monitoring

  • Identifying patents with respect to a technology of interest.
  • Monitoring a set of patents for legal status, family continuation, etc.


Trend & White Space Analysis

  • Trends and share of IP among different sub segments of the target technology.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Discover if there is a room for innovation and IP protection.

Impact Stories

Doubled Invention Output for one of the largest Luxury Car Maker

Sagacious IP worked very closely with R&D and IP teams of one of the largest German luxury car maker on directed IP landscapes to guide R&D teams invent in the right direction as well as accelerate the process. Within one year of engagement, we were able to double the invention disclosure form submissions from one of their R&D teams.  

Decreased R&D spend per patent by 23%

For one of the largest consumer electronics company from Japan, we setup regular tracking of competition, not only to monitor their technology/ business/ inventions focus areas but also to access their overall R&D and IP strategy + investments. Based on this they realized they were spending much higher per patentable invention than their industry peers globally. After carefully analyzing their R&D and patenting strategy (including accessing team sizes per invention, patent filing strategy, geographical spread, patent maintenance strategy, etc) – they learned and made customizations to their own strategy. In two years of engagement, we could see almost 23% reduction in investment per patent family.

Landscape analysis helps set-up entry into India for Japanese electrical equipment company

One of the biggest Japanese electrical equipment company was looking to set up manufacturing and market base in India in the inverters segment. Sagacious worked with the client to identify existing players, their partnerships, their market, their technologies, and the value-added products to provide an overview of the existing market conditions. In addition, Sagacious undertook primary and secondary research to help identify the level of R&D and innovation in the Indian units of the global players. The final analysis delivered helped the client take the plunge into the Indian market armed with all relevant information and right insights into making the Indian set up a success.