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Patent-Standard conformance Validation

Considering that there are many patents that are declared by companies to the Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs), and without any proper scrutiny mechanism at SSO level, it is very difficult to identify the patents that really map onto the standard. Also, ascertaining the conformance is critical during any licensing negotiations. Sagacious with its experience of having worked on 1000+ standards related projects is suitably equipped to accurately and efficiently confirm the conformance of the patents in questions and has in the past saved millions of dollars for our clients.

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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A US-based patent monetization firm had identified potential SEP in their portfolio. Sagacious helped them prepare strong litigation-grade claim charts (patent-to-standard mappings) for multiple claims targeting multiple smartphone manufacturers as infringing product. We were also able to show that the mapped products use of corresponding releases of the 3gpp standard mapped for the patents.

Impact Story 2

A US-based patent monetization firm used Sagacious to evaluate SEPs declared to 5G standard by different companies. We performed the feasibility analysis in a phased manner, where we able to reduce the patent set to half and chip-off non-essential and irrelevant patents by just looking at the claims in the first phase. This saved a considerable amount of effort where we could then focus on remaining patent to find core-SEPs.

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