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Patent-Standard Mapping

Patents that map onto a standard are highly valuable as all products conforming to the standard, can then be inferred to be using the patents. However, generating such a mapping can only be done by experts who understand the complex standard document and its context in detail. Sagacious has experience of having worked on 1000+ standard related projects and our analysts have in depth understanding of various standards across multiple domains. This allows us to provide not only an accurate patent-standard map but also one that can pass the scrutiny of the court.

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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A multinational networking and telecommunications company used Sagacious to evaluate their patents with respect to WiFi-6 standard (802.11ax). The standard is relatively new and the client was looking to target 802.11ax exclusive features and not just the legacy WiFi features. We were able to confirm essentiality of multiple patents and also created claim charts.

Impact Story 2

A multinational consumer electronics company based on Taiwan used Sagacious IP to prepare detailed claim charts for their patents related to Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) standards. These claim charts were later used for selling the package and helped the client to get a premium price for the package because it had strong claim charts.

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