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SEP Analytics

There are multiple ways in which data related to SEPs can be used to gather insights into performance of various companies working on different standards as well as evolution of the standard in general. One of the key application of such insight and analytics is to understand and determine licensing fee for various negotiations. Sagacious IP has readily available data that can be used to take decision based on such insights. Sagacious IP can also provide any custom analysis around SEPs as required.

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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

Sagacious helped a SME in getting a more practical value of their patents related to Video Codes (H.264 and H.265). This valuation was used to raise funds for their businesses.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious IP has been assisting patent owners extract the maximum value of their patents listed by various patent brokerage firms. We have also generated claim charts in many cases and used the infringed product sales for incorporating damages calculation in the final valuation.

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