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SEP Chart Validation

Companies are many a times accused of infringing SEPs and of not having paid royalties on those SEPs. Often these accusations are accompanied by initial evidences of products conforming to the given standards as well as those patents being declared as SEPs with SSOs for those standards. However, on most occasions such assertions can be refuted if one looks deeper technically on the provided evidences and/or the patent-to-standard mapping. We have supported numerous customers in similar positions and have saved them significant amount of money during licensing negotiations.

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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A fabless semiconductor-based company in US was approached by a major memory-based company for a potential licensing deal involving 50+ patents and multiple claim charts. Sagacious reviewed the claim charts which pertained to technologies like JEDEC standard, 802.3-2012, PCIe3.0 Spec, etc. We identified that more than half of the charted claims were beyond or outside the scope of the standard. In fact some of them were also mapped onto the features that even existed in the prior versions of the standard that predated the patent. We provided our expert comments and the client was able to use the same for successful negotiation.

Impact Story 2

A Chinese smartphone company used Sagacious to evaluate claim charts prepared on video codec standards (H.265). Sagacious reviewed the claim charts and even improved them to include evidence for the missing elements. This helped client make a quick decision on the acquisition opportunity.

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