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SEP Mining from Patent Portfolio

SEPs could be the highest worth patents in any portfolio and identifying them comprehensively could be very critical for any organization as it may lead to revenue loss from such high value patents. However, this is always a complex and effort-intensive task and requires unique methodologies and experts to complete this activity correctly and economically. With experience of having worked on 1000s of such assignments, Sagacious IP ’s proprietary process (involving an AI algorithm and manual review) and a team of experts who understands the various standards in-depth, allow execution of this complex task timely and cost-effectively.

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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A US division of a Europe-based telecom company sought to identify the SEPs that have added to their portfolio since the last declaration. Being a pioneer in the industry, they wanted to ensure the licensing revenue from their SEPs contributes well to their annual turnover. During the project, Sagacious IP performed a strategic SEP mining from its portfolio and identified new patent families that read onto the technical reports of standard which can be monitored if the sections were added to the technical specifications.

Impact Story 2

A US-based patent monetization firm was looking to monetize their patents applicable in the field of 4G/5G. Sagacious performed an in-depth analysis of the patent portfolio to identify multiple patents that read on the 4G/5G standards. Sagacious developed Patent-to-Standard mappings for multiple claims of the patents.

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