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SEP Validity/Invalidity Search

SEPs are very valuable patents and checking its validity is critical when being accused of infringement and even before any assertion. Since SEPs are usually very complex and technical patents, identifying relevant prior art that can challenge it, needs significant investment of time and effort along with an in-depth understanding of the technology area. Sagacious IP with its extensive experience and understanding of 1000+ standards has been able to handle successfully the most difficult of cases in an economical and efficient manner. Access to global prior art databases and unique methodology enables Sagacious IP to easily handle such searches accurately and with success.

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Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

A US-based technology giant got sued by a multinational telecommunications company demanding damages in billions. The case involved 24 patents related to 3GPP standards and video codec standards. Sagacious involved subject matter experts and performed an extensive research for patents and context-based NPL identification. Domain experts performed standard back tracing to identify the prior-arts. Sagacious was successfully able to invalidate 8 SEPs and was involved in preparing arguments for invalidation.

Impact Story 2

A multinational consumer electronic giant sued another multinational networking and telecommunications company for infringing SEPs related to 3GPP standards. Sagacious used customized approach using commercial databases for patents and knowledge bases for NPL references. Also, we performed search for meeting docs, 3gpp FTP Search, 3GPP email exploder and found solid-prior art references. Companies decided to settle and entered a cross-licensing deal.

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