Patent Docketing

Real-time Paralegal Assistance For Patent Docketing

Get Sagacious IP’s expert paralegal support services to flawlessly manage your patent docketing process throughout the prosecution cycle, thereby ensuring that not a single deadline is missed, which could result in abandonment of the application, thus impacting revenue. Our expert paralegal support structure is designed for end-to-end support that ensures the protection of your IP rights.

Office Action OA Shell Response

Drafting shell response to overcome application rejections

Sagacious IP’s Office Action OA Shell Response service enables you to draft a response to overcome the patent examiner’s objections to the patent application. The response is in the form of a document drafted in a specific format which includes technical and non-technical aspects. Paralegals prepare 80% of the response documents and send them to attorneys to offer legal or technical expertise

Design Patent Drawings

Patent Proofreading

Avoid Loopholes in Granted Patents by Patent Proofreading

Sagacious IP’s Patents Proofreading service enables you to identify errors in a granted patent by cross examination of communication documents stored in the Image File Wrapper of USPTO Public. This not only prevents future legal implications but also saves the attorney’s time and effort. 


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Vaibhav Henry

EVP- ICT Licensing & Searching

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Head IP Solutions – India

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