Future of IP in Medtech Series

Innovators in Hematology

A convergence of Life sciences and High-tech

Diagnostics is a major segment in Medical Technology, and In-Vitro Diagnostics is a major area in Diagnostics and can be divided into Point of Care diagnostics and Non Point of Care diagnostics. Hematology holds a significant share in In-Vitro Diagnostics and a lot of innovation is taking place in this area. This is evident from the patent filings in Medical Technology in the last year which has surpassed to the filings in Hi-Tech space. Covid-19 is one of the major drivers for this innovation which has had an impact of every industry globally, shifting ‘health’ as topmost priority of consumers. The paper attempts to provide a high-level landscape analysis of Hematology in Medical Technology industry and the overall market, and how the recent surge makes it essential for established companies in market, and new innovators who wish to enter the market to understand the market by intelligence gained through patent data and assess technology trends, competitive focus, and market movements affecting their area of work to invent their product and business development strategies. The paper also attempts to provide an overview of the key players innovating in the hematology space and their key areas of focus, by combining study from patent data and market data.

Innovation in Hematology- A convergence of Life Sciences & High-Tech- Oct 21, 2021
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