Press Release: Dutch Patent Industry veteran Bart van Wezenbeek joins Sagacious IP’s ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council

GURUGRAM, HARYANA, INDIA, June 16, 2021 / — Sagacious IP, one of the largest IP research and consulting firms in the world, has announced the inclusion of Bart van Wezenbeek in its Sagacious ‘Future of IP‘ Global Advisory Council. The “Future of IP” council comprises of futuristic IP industry experts who assist the company’s leaders in spotting business opportunities and strategizing the company’s future roadmap to solve IP challenges faced by numerous technology companies, law firms as well as other IP ecosystem players.

Bart is a Dutch and European Patent Attorney based in The Netherlands who holds over 30 years of experience involving working in the patent department of a large pharmaceutical company, working in a biotech start-up and working in private practice. Having specialization in biotechnology, food, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, especially genetic engineering, microbiology, and molecular diagnostics, he has profound knowledge of patenting of plant related inventions. He serves as a Deputy Justice at the Appeal Court in The Hague since 2001.

Talking about this new role, Bart van Wezenbeek said, “Patent information technology has changed rapidly over the last decade, especially through the development of artificial intelligence and the increase in computing power. I am delighted to work with Sagacious IP to achieve the optimum benefit of implementing these new technologies in the day-to-day activities and to assist them in maintaining their status as one of the leading IP research and consulting firms.”

Faiz Wahid, Regional Head – Europe, Sagacious IP, elaborated that “Sagacious IP is delighted to have Mr. Bart van Wezenbeek in its Future of IP Global Advisory Council. His domain expertise and IP industry knowledge will be instrumental in helping Sagacious maintain its lead in the IP industry in serving global clients and especially those in Europe. Our advisors enable us to look beyond the obvious transformations in the IP industry and be prepared for the future of IP as it unfolds globally.”

The establishment of Sagacious ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council is aligned with the company’s goal of leading the change as well as paving the way for the upcoming evolution in the IP industry. Members of the Future of IP council who are experts in their domains will play a critical role in deciding Sagacious IP’s future direction.

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Originally published on dated 16th June, 2021

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