Press Release: FocusIP CEO Yaron Damelin joins Sagacious IP’s ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, May 20, 2022 / — Sagacious IP, a leading IP research and consulting company, is glad to announce that Yaron Damelin, an esteemed global IP Manager and Consultant, is now a member of its ‘Future of IP’ Global Advisory Council. The council defines the roadmap for Sagacious IP’s future in being a prominent leader in the intellectual property space. All members of the council are renowned experts boasting decades of experience in the IP domain.

Yaron Damelin is an Israeli IP consultant with over 21 years of experience in IP Portfolio Development and Management. After completing his Masters in Business Science in Finance from Boston University in 1997, he worked in various marketing and business development start-ups in Israel’s Silicon Wadi. In 2000, Yaron moved into the Intellectual Property (IP) space, working with 3 leading IP firms until 2006. He then joined a well-funded communications start-up as an IP Manager and worked there for several years.

In parallel, Yaron Damelin founded Patenting Solutions in 2007 to support new-age companies in developing ready-for-business IP portfolios to advance the commercial viability of their technologies. Patenting Solutions evolved into FocusIP Ltd. in 2019. FocusIP specializes in strategic IP development and management, with a focus on Green/Climate-Tech ventures and companies.

Commenting on his new position as an advisor, Yaron Damelin said, “I have worked on many cases with Sagacious IP and they have a unique core competence in delivering cutting edge IP intelligence. I look forward to strengthening my cooperating with Sagacious IP in order to help many clients globally reap the benefits of attaining and applying true Business-IP intelligence to positively impact our world.”

Faiz Wahid, who leads Global Partnerships at Sagacious IP, added, “The future of IP is swiftly unfolding, and Sagacious IP aims to be prepared to navigate the complex landscape. Mr. Damelin’s onboarding as an advisor to Sagacious IP gives us tremendous strength and reaffirms our commitment to becoming a global leader in our sector.”

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