Top Tech Innovations of Samsung in 2013

Like most tech firms, Samsung files many patents as a pre-emptive measure which never reaches any sort of commercial fruition. But a peep into some of Samsung’s patent filings gives us a good idea of what all spectacular technologies and gadgets might be in company’s pipeline. So here we have compiled a set of some enticing tech innovations that the Korean tech giant worked upon in 2013 and is set to bring in in 2014 and later.


I. Galaxy Note 12.2:   Made especially for the professional market i.e. one of the most potential markets in the years to come.

II. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite:   Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite is going to debut at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February 2014. It is poised to be a more affordable version (rate not exceeding €100) among the other Galaxy Note brands and is sure to see success especially in emerging markets. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite is most likely to have a 5.68-inch display with a Liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen.

III. Samsung Galaxy Wear 2014 Successor:  Samsung ventured into wearable technology market in 2013 and unveiled the Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch that connects to a user’s smartphone or tablet to provide alerts, take photos, make calls, and access certain apps. But it faced criticism for

•   Its high price tag

•   Weak battery life

• Wonky voice command feature

•  Limited compatibility with other devices. It only works with certain Samsung phones and tablets.

So we expect a successor to Samsung Galaxy Gear in 2014 which will be more useful and interesting, and will find use in places you wouldn’t expect.

FLEXIBLE DISPLAY DEVICES (EXPECTED IN SECOND HALF OF 2014):  Samsung might launch new devices with flexible displays that envelop the device’s edges, allowing users to read messages when the device’s main display is at a non-viewable angle. The three-sided display will be manufactured using a new iteration of Samsung’s proprietary Youm OLED displays. Samsung showed off its prototype at CES trade show in Las Vegas in Jan, 2013. Youm is a flexible OLED technology that uses plastic, rather than glass, as a substrate for the display’s transistors. Curved displays are a growing trend in smartphones. But so far, only Korean conglomerates Samsung and LG have released devices with the feature and that too in their home market only.

TRANSPARENT DISPLAY DEVICES:  Samsung’s patent filing has revealed that company is eyeing launch of a device with transparent screen that can be controlled by fingertip from both sides of the phone. It is seen as the next big thing in smartphone arena and one of its potential benefit would be that user’s finger will not obscure the screen when tapping on apps or dragging items around the screen.

DUAL TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY DEVICES:  Samsung patent filing has revealed a phone with interconnected dual touchscreens that can display two independent applications, or work together to give the user an enhanced experience in gaming, reading e-books, conference calls, web browsing and multi-tasking.

TIZEN OPERATING SYSTEM (EXPECTED IN 2014):  At present, technology lexicon is not as familiar with Tizen operating system as Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS. But Samsung envisions that it will be as it is all set to make its way to your cars, wearable devices, fridge, TVs and cameras besides your mobile devices.

ELECTRIC AND HYBRID CAR INFOTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY :  Samsung might also be planning to expand its existing electronics as indicated by a gush of its new electric and hybrid car patents detailing a range of technologies including motors, tires and in-cabin electronics.

5G TECHNOLOGY (EXPECTED BY 2020 AT THE EARLIEST):    Samsung has successfully tested super-fast 5G wireless technology that would eventually allow users to download an entire movie in one second i.e. up to several hundred times faster than existing 4G networks. This technology will allow users to enjoy a wide range of services such as 3D movies and games, real-time streaming of ultra-high-definition (UHD) content, and remote medical services.

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