Identifying Patent Acquisition Opportunities

Once you have identified areas where you need to buy / acquire patents to strengthen your market position vis-à-vis competitors, it is still a long way to acquiring the right patents at the right price. There are multiple sources to acquire such patents and Sagacious with its unique methodology and sources helps clients to identify the right patents to buy at the right price.

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Why Choose Sagacious for Identifying Patent Acquisition Opportunities?

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

Sagacious helped a US-based law firm acquire patents pertaining to a specific product category by utilizing it network of brokers and other open platforms. The law firm was able to add the acquired patents to different licensing campaigns and increase the portfolio values.

Impact Story 2

Sagacious helped a multinational technology company based in Seattle acquire patents from third-parties, such patents would support their existing products and also provide defense against competitors. Sagacious used its drop-promote analysis to parse a huge list of patents before zeroing in on the patents that could provide defense against the competitors.

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