Patent Monetization and Licensing

Patent Licensing is an important business activity for any business, large or small. Any technology business would often need to monetize the patents it owns as well as in-license/acquire third-party patents. Although this activity has a significant business impact, the in-house legal and R&D teams often lack the expertise and/or the bandwidth to undertake it in a timely and accurate manner. This is where Sagacious’ expertise on patent licensing / monetization as well as patent acquisition comes in handy for maximum business and revenue impact.


Whether you own a single patent or a large patent portfolio, you must consider monetizing your patents and open new streams of revenue generation for your business. Sagacious IP’s Patent Licensing and Monetization service offer end-to-end solutions, from ranking your patent portfolio to identifying potential licensees/infringers that enable you to transform your IP into a revenue generation unit [Read more …]

Industry leaders across industries and geographies continually buy IP from third-parties (including other companies, universities as well and start-ups and inventors). This is a major part of their legal defense and product expansion strategy. However, this often needs proper due diligence before making a buying decision, making it difficult even for larger companies, let alone small & mid-sized companies. Having worked with companies of various sizes, Sagacious IP has devised an effective and efficient process for conducting this activity timely and accurately. [Read more …]

Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) are often the highest valued patents in any industry or portfolio. Further, the industry sees numerous litigations around SEPs every year. Accordingly, whether you are a patent portfolio owner trying to identify and maximize value out of SEPs in your portfolio or a company defending against SEP assertion, accuracy in such matters will have a huge business impact. Sagacious IP has been dealing with various matters of SEPs for a long time and is well versed with their business impact and has corresponding expertise and methodologies to do justice to such high value matters. [Read more …]


Japan’s Largest Computer Peripherals Company Got An Experienced Team To File & Prosecute

When one of Japan’s largest computer peripherals companies wanted an experienced team to file & prosecute their patent applications in India, They Chose Sagacious.

Japan’s Largest Computer Peripherals Company Received A Reliable Solution For Outsourcing.

When one of Japan’s largest computer peripherals companies wanted a reliable solution for outsourcing their patent drawings, They Chose Sagacious.

India’s Largest Conglomerate’s Oil & Gas Division Chose Our Technology

When one of India’s Largest Conglomerate‘s oil & gas division wanted a technology to monitor their pipeline’s health in real-time, They Chose Sagacious.

India’s National Disaster Management Authority Got A Robust Solution

When India’s National Disaster Management Authority wanted a robust technological solution for earthquake rescue, They Chose Sagacious.

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