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Services for Standard Essential Patents

Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) are often highest valued patents in any industry or portfolio. Further, the industry sees numerous litigations around SEPs every year. Accordingly, whether you are a patent portfolio owner trying to identify and maximize value out of SEPs in your portfolio or a company defending against SEP assertion, accuracy in such matters will have huge business impact. Sagacious IP has been dealing with various matters of SEPs for a long time and is well versed with the business impact and has corresponding expertise and methodologies to do justice to such high value matters.


SEPs could be the highest worth patents in any portfolio and identifying them comprehensively could be very critical for any organization as it may lead to revenue loss from such high value patents. However, this is always a complex and effort-intensive task and requires unique methodologies and experts to complete this activity correctly and economically. With experience of having worked on 1000s of such assignments, Sagacious IP ’s proprietary process (involving an AI algorithm and manual review) and a team of experts who understands the various standards in-depth, allow execution of this complex task timely and cost-effectively.

Patents that map onto a standard are highly valuable as all products conforming to the standard, can then be inferred to be using the patents. However, generating such a mapping can only be done by experts who understand the complex standard document and its context in detail. Sagacious has experience of having worked on 1000+ standard related projects and our analysts have in depth understanding of various standards across multiple domains. This allows us to provide not only an accurate patent-standard map but also one that can pass the scrutiny of the court.

Considering that there are many patents that are declared by companies to the Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs), and without any proper scrutiny mechanism at SSO level, it is very difficult to identify the patents that really map onto the standard. Also, ascertaining the conformance is critical during any licensing negotiations. Sagacious with its experience of having worked on 1000+ standards related projects is suitably equipped to accurately and efficiently confirm the conformance of the patents in questions and has in the past saved millions of dollars for our clients.

Companies are many a times accused of infringing SEPs and of not having paid royalties on those SEPs. Often these accusations are accompanied by initial evidences of products conforming to the given standards as well as those patents being declared as SEPs with SSOs for those standards. However, on most occasions such assertions can be refuted if one looks deeper technically on the provided evidences and/or the patent-to-standard mapping. We have supported numerous customers in similar positions and have saved them significant amount of money during licensing negotiations.

SEPs are very valuable patents and checking its validity is critical when being accused of infringement and even before any assertion. Since SEPs are usually very complex and technical patents, identifying relevant prior art that can challenge it, needs significant investment of time and effort along with an in-depth understanding of the technology area. Sagacious IP with its extensive experience and understanding of 1000+ standards has been able to handle successfully the most difficult of cases in an economical and efficient manner. Access to global prior art databases and unique methodology enables Sagacious IP to easily handle such searches accurately and with success.

There are multiple ways in which data related to SEPs can be used to gather insights into performance of various companies working on different standards as well as evolution of the standard in general. One of the key application of such insight and analytics is to understand and determine licensing fee for various negotiations. Sagacious IP has readily available data that can be used to take decision based on such insights. Sagacious IP can also provide any custom analysis around SEPs as required.

With immense experience of licensing and monetizing SEPs, Sagacious can help clients with end-to-end SEP acquisition process including identifying buying needs, identifying acquisition targets, doing due diligence and valuation of the identified assets before acquisition as well as negotiations and deal closures. You can make use of Sagacious’ vast experience to understand the intricacies involved in the process and maximize the deal value for you.

End to End SEP Licensing support helps discover hidden revenue streams and potential licensees. As number of SEP licensing deals across the globe grows, it has become the core focus area of not only the large IP-centric companies but even for SMEs and individual inventors owning patents. However, to drive maximum benefit out of licensing your SEPs and making the process efficient, it is of paramount importance to understand the intricacies of licensing SEPs and using it as a strategy. Sagacious IP’s years of experience in end-to-end SEP Licensing Support comes handy for equally for large/mid-size organizations and individual IP owners. For large corporations we identify the SEPs, the target markets to maximize the deal value, while for individual IP Owners we assess, design and drive a robust licensing program.

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